Should be a must read for everybody of all ages, especially “in schools”


Keith Dulley

San Antonio, Texas

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"Growing Up Is . . . !!!" is 350+ pages of informational, inspirational and spiritual "Thought-Provoking Thoughts", and has been acclaimed by credible professionals, as well as many lay people from all walks of life. "Growing Up Is . . . !!!" has captured comments like: Awesome, Profound, Moving, Motivational, Insightful, Inciting, and WOW! The messages in "Growing Up Is . . . !!!" are viable both nationally and internationally, and command the interest of a vast public from all age groups and all walks of life. The messages in "Growing Up Is . . . !!!" are expansive beyond expectation. The messages in "Growing Up Is . . . !!!" will help you to know, and will help you to grow.

Because of the intrinsic value of the "Thought-Provoking Thoughts", you will want to keep this book for years to come as a reference book for yourself, for your family and for all of those you care about.

Some Book Snippets

Growing Up Is . . . !!!

 Learning that money can not buy everything, ... it can not buy true happiness and it can not buy true love !!! ____________________ Learning that the world is not your trash can !!! ____________________ Learning that you are not what people think you are, or what they say you are, unless you choose to accept it !!! ____________________ Learning to not have contempt, ... before you have investigated !!! ____________________ Learning to "Check Your Motives" in all things, ... then do the next "right thing" !!! ____________________ Learning to NOT do something, ... just because you can !!! ____________________ Learning that you can't help another without also helping yourself !!! ____________________ Learning that when you take “short-cuts”,  . . .  you might just be “cutting yourself short” !!!! ____________________ Learning that the vehicle you are driving should never be an extension of your aggressive or angry personality !!! ____________________ Learning that growing up is not about no longer being “child-like”,  . . .  it’s about no longer being “childish” !!!! 
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Contempt Before Investigation ?!?!?!   Those who quickly reject the Growing Up Is . . . !!! “titled theme” are usually those who most need the information,  . . .  they tend to be the very one’s who usually reject change.   Their rejecting this “titled theme” might just be an indication of some degree of immaturity,  . . .  an indication they might think they “already know it all” !!!   Those who most need this information are usually those who do not recognize or acknowledge that need.

May They Not Deprive Themselves,  . . .  May They Not Reject Moving Forward !!!

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